72 holes and is capable of storing studs as well as earrings 48 holes
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£2 Coin Pots
£2 Coin Pot
Candle Trio
Candle Trio
Gavel & Block
Needle Cases
Ring Keeper
Light Pulls
Solitaire Board
Desk Sets
Bottle Stoppers
Earring Stands
Single Tier Earring Stand
Made to Order
Garden Twine
Lace Bobbin Stand
Personalised Egg Cups
Quality Woodturning by John Lingings
Well Turned Out
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Acorn Light Pulls
Christmas Angels
Reindeer Families and Single
Slate & Pine Cheese Platter - (Sold)
Slate Diameter 225mm - Total Diameter 290mm
Pine Cheese / Bread Platter with rope handle 265mm
Desk Pens
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Garden Reindeer