Spalted Beech - Sorry now sold
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Elm Burr (Sold)
Burghley Park Elm £28 245 x 30mm  
Birds Nest (Sold)
Goncalo Alves £22.50 150mm x 64mm 
Spalted Beech (Sold)
English Walnut (Sold)
English Walnut Plate (Sold)
Brown Mallee Burl (Sold)
 Contact me for details.
Green Textured Edge (Sold)
Padauk (Sold)
Sycamore (Sold)
Sorry now sold.
Pitch Pine Platter (Sold)
Bubinga (Sold)
Various Natural Edge Bowls
Zebrano (Sold)
Burghley Park Elm (Sold)
Quality Woodturning by John Lingings Well Turned Out
Gallery: Bowls & Platters
Beautiful grain patterns. Small dish from fence posts with rustic sides.
Brown Mallee Burl (Sold)
Natural Edge Yew (Sold) 
Yew (Sorry Sold) 142mm x 36mm 
Cedar & Oak Fence Posts £8.50 & £9.50 App. 110mm x 110mm 
Sycamore insert A conversation piece! Stunning Grain - oiled finish Wonderful grain patterns.
Unknown Conifer Beautiful Grain (Sold)
Contains natural shrinkage cracks
English Oak Burr (Sold)
The bowls below have all been sold but give an impression of the variety available.
English Beech Burr £55
English Elm Burr £35
Oak Potpourri Bowl (Sold)
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Plum (Sold)
Very nice as small fruit bowl
Coloured Rim Beech Platters (Sold)
Various Natural Edge Bowls
Coloured Sycamore Bowl    (Sold)
Spalting creates patterns in the grain when fungus attacks the wood.
Natural Edge Coloured Ash Bowl £24
Spalted Beech  £20 185 x 70
Canadian Sycamore
The Two Oak bowls
English Oak  £10 128 x 40mm  
English Oak  £15 168 x 40mm  
Coloured Cherry  £22 198 x 75
Natural Edge Apple £22 260 x 150